focused attention

Premium interaction
with your target audience
during their own commercial breaks

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De eerste keer - Video campaign to generate traffic to the website.

13% CTR

21st of July - 1 week banner campaign, highly targeted, to generate high quality leads to the website.

15% CTR

Gintermezzo pop-up - Poster and scan campaign to advertise the pop-up to gin-lovers in Leuven

80% planned to visit.

E-shop awareness - Market research that provided valuable insights + targeted poster promotion.

14% CTR

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How does it work?


Users build up a profile by daily short questions and relevancy feedback on the ads.
This ensures high relevancy for users and allows deep segmentation for advertisers.

Tell us about potential customers, and we target your custom audience.

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Commercial Content

Use your existing material, or be creative and make the most out of the attention you get!

We support many different ad formats, from banners, videos to interactive games...

No idea where to start? We propose the best campaign based on your goals and commercial content.

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See which segments convert best.
Get full details on your campaign.
Use the feedback data to optimize.

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A user using Trimiday for advertisement
review from a trimiday user

On television I never watch ads, but on Trimiday I sometimes even like them

review from a trimiday user

This is just smart, because let's be honest who still watches traditional advertisements?

review from a trimiday user

My foreign friends were sad that they did not have an app like this at home

review from a trimiday user

This is just a great app that will benefit everyone! Can't stop using it

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Trimiday ad formats

Reach the unreachables

Target an audience that blocks away traditional advertisements.

Be present on their first screen.

Increase brand awareness.

Introduce new products and promotions.

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Aim for the stars

Focus on relevant customers.

Appear full screen.

Get guaranteed attention.

Re-target based on relevancy feedback.

Generate high click through.

fullscreen ad type of trimiday app

Let their voice guide you

Collect market and consumer insights

Target based on individual responses

Get it super-fast

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Of our users are still looking for a city trip this summer


Of our users are planning to buy a car and they can not decide. Help them now!

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